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Below you will find a collection of articles on investment strategy and financial planning, the latest module in our VFM Investment Training Series, as well as documents that describe Veripax Financial Management and our business practices.

All articles are authored by Jerry Verseput, CFP® and can not be reprinted or reused without permission.





Each of the following Training Modules is about 30 minutes in length (give or take) and can be viewed as a stand-alone module.  If you are not familiar with VFM, it is recommended that you watch the first two "prerequisites" to get a feel for what drives our investment philosophy and to provide a context for the other Modules.


 Investment Foundations (prerequisite) MP4
 Risk and Performance Considerations (prerequisite) MP4
 Liquidity vs. Safety Tradeoffs  MP4
 Stock Investing Part 1 MP4
 Stock Investing Part 2 MP4
 Fixed Income (Bonds) MP4
 Gold, Silver and Inflation MP4
 Real Estate Investing MP4
 Structured Notes MP4
 Building a Portfolio  MP4



FINANCIAL ARTICLES (by Jerry Verseput)

The following articles have been published previously in various financial magazines.  When published, the articles often (actually, always) need to be edited to fit within space constraints and to keep words and sentences targeted to about an 8th grade level.  The versions below are the unedited versions.


WSJ - Structured Notes

Lies, Damned Lies, and Investment Performance

Church Retirement Plans:  A Moral Dilemma

Roth IRA Strategies

Aligning Beliefs With Investment Strategy